Bespoke Development

Fluid Network is a member of a collaboration of freelance developers, designers, UX experts, testers, account managers and project managers; a collective of best of breed professionals. And not on the same payroll.

In order to keep costs down whilst having access to brilliant people, Fluid Network contributes to and is contributed to from a pool of ICT resources. Any requirements handed to the group are sized according to client requirements and the best team for the job is assembled that have the time, relevance and ability to deliver an outstanding project.


Fluid Network will create your website or application vision into reality using the best-fix Microsoft products.

We have worked with Microsoft products from Visual Basic 6, through Classic ASP, and from .Net 1.0 to 4.0; we've produced WinForms, WebForms, we've used MVC and COM. We know MSMQ from WCF, our DCOM from remoting. We've been playing nicely with SQL server since SyBase days; we've dabbled in SharePoint and BizTalk.

All so you don't have to.

We have a strong track record in integration of systems, migration of legacy systems and data, content management systems and e-commerce websites right down to small brochureware websites. With this experience, we can turn your requirements into reality you need with the quality you must have.

Duncan Welch - MCTS in SQL Server 2008
Duncan Welch - MCP 2.0 Duncan Welch - MCAD

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Fluid Network has built numerous websites running on the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and WIMP (Windows/IIS/MySQL/PHP) suite, including the CakePHP and CodeIgniter framework.

Whilst fully qualified in Microsoft technologies, years of experience have taught us that no matter how hard you hammer, you're not going to get that square peg into a round hole. Some projects are just better suited for a LAMP (or WIMP) environment. If you've got legacy code, it's rarely going to be better to restart from scratch. Hosting already set up? Why not stick with what you know. Got other people who'll be supporting the system after deployment? No problems at all - makes perfect sense to us.

Whatever your project parameters or environment, we can deliver.

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Design and User Experience (UX)

Design is important, but it's only a small part of the brilliance of your website or application.

As new client platforms such as mobile/smartphone and tablet are coming out, we are seeing reminders of the bad-old-days where print designers built for screens, under construction screens were the norm, and screeching background MIDI music was considered something a user wanted to hear.

Fluid Network pride ourselves in understanding that a website or an application isn't a design or a layout - it's a user experience, and for that experience to be positive every aspect of the user's potential journey must be questioned and optimised.

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