Fluid London

Fluid London

Fluid London is the flagship product for the Fluid Network Ltd group of sites.

Originally called Fluid Foundation, Fluid London was launched in February 2000 with the mission to build a comprehensive directory of bars in London and the UK, interract with users to provide reviews and recommendations and to build a portal of bar and restaurant staff.

Fluid London is now aimed strongly at the consumer market and serves well in excess of 100,000 unique users every month. It has grown to be one of the biggest independent bar and restaurant guides in the UK, including online bookings and our very popular Top 10 Guides.

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1 Since signing up as an upgraded member on Fluid, we receive on average 10 enquires per day. These enquires range from private parties to corporate meetings. We have benefitted enormously as an upgraded venue. We would highly recommend being an upgraded venue with Fluid. 1
JuJu, Chelsea

Fluid Style

Fluid Style

Fluid Style is our Destination Guide featuring 500 must-try London venues.

Initially limited to Style Bars in London, we looked at the usage patterns on Fluid London and established that the best bars weren't necessarily style bars - they were destination venues. Fluid Style is now an eclectic mix of venues that our users have told us they love going to for one reason or another.

The purpose of Fluid Style is not to provide information, but inspiration.

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Fluid Eating (temporarily retired)

Fluid Eating

Fluid Eating is dedicated purely to restaurants in London. Find a great place to eat out, whether it be a quiet little cafe with a friend or a grandiose banquet with everyone invited.

Another vertical for the London markets, Fluid Eating was designed to filter out a lot of bar-only specific content and allow better presentation and layout for restaurant information. With more flexibility and a smaller database, we were able to offer our our users wonderful levels of choice, variety and a few gentle nudges in the direction of some great restaurants in London.

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1Ever since I upgraded my venue, Gigalum, on Fluid's fantastic site, I have been getting regular parties booked in. The weekends are often busier purely thanks to the upgrade. And no charge per booking! 1
Gigalum, Clapham

Fluid Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester

Fluid Edinburgh

Fluid also has an ever-growing presence of sites around the UK, concentrating on visitor rich areas.

As resource and demand comes available, we are expanding into major cities throughout the UK using the Fluid London design and layout as our base template. We endeavour to give each new Fluid site has dedicated system management and journalist resources in order to create a comprehensive overview of the bars, pubs and restaurants in that area.

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