Vir2 is an advanced SMS aggregation platform designed for charities to be able to fundraise and inform users of their message through the use of text messaging.

Vir2 adds instant SMS marketing expertise to any charity whilst removing the barrier to entry to ensure they get the highest return on investment. With the ability to run one off donation, subscription and informational campaigns through shared or dedicated shortcodes and proven ability to run campaigns of any size, the Vir2 system is rich in flexibility and scalibility.

Screened Music

Screened Music

Screened Music is a portal to celebrate excellent in music composition for film, television and video games.

As a network of auditioned composers, Screened Music offers both online such as discussion groups, collaboration boards, advice and industry feedback as well as offline community facilites for industry professionals such as regular events based in London hosted by well known speakers.

Big Screen Music

Big Screen Music

Big Screen Music is a boutique British film music label celebrating everything that is exciting and vibrant about cinematic music.

Featuring some of the UK's most highly regarded and award-winning screen composers, Big Screen Music offers brilliantly emotive, uplifting and dramatic music, suitable for all mediums.

Other sites

Intermediary Capital Group (ICG Plc)

The ICG site was based on a completely bespoke compliance based content management and workflow system which included a customer facing website that supported 7 different languages and 4 different audiences. Any content had to be reviewed and approved by a legal compliance team. It also included an intranet for investor communications that followed strict guidelines on publish times and audiences and an extranet to be used as a disaster recovery guide for employees.

Doherty IT Support Link to Doherty and Associates

An IT support company based in West London requred a complex content management system including number of functionality widgets to present a professional, informational website for the end user.

WebTutorNet Link to Doherty and Associates

WebTutorNet is an online learning platform allowing students to work remotely on a one-on-one basis with professional tutors by using technology to remove the distance barrier. The end user site itself also contains full content management and functionality widgets.


An e-commerce website for Hodder Headline that integrates between their legacy BookPoint master system through a regular batch feed that offers a high performance end-user website backed up by sales management and reporting, promotional tools and content injection tools for administrative users.